Current stable version: 0.21.2

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See what has changed since last version in the FreeCAD 0.21 release notes

Plėtros laidos

FreeCAD's development happens daily! We generate builds that are based on bleeding edge FreeCAD code in order for users to test bugfixes/regressions along with new features. We ask that advanced users occasionally run the development builds to assist with testing new code. These builds are not suitable for production use, and care should be taken when using them (back up your files regularly, etc.). Development builds should be expected to be slower, consume more memory, and be less stable than the official release versions. The following dev builds are available for different platforms/distributions:

Windows: Conda - macOS: Conda / Homebrew - Linux: Conda / Snap / Flatpak

Papildomi moduliai ir makrokomandos

The FreeCAD community provides a wealth of additional modules and macros. They can now easily be installed directly from within FreeCAD using the Papildinių tvarkyklė.

Source code

The source code of FreeCAD is hosted primarily on GitHub and mirrored on GitLab, Codeberg and Sourceforge