Current stable version: 0.20.2

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Versions de desenvolupament

FreeCAD's development happens daily! Therefore we generate builds that are based on bleeding edge FreeCAD code in order for users to test bugfixes/regressions along with new features. We recommend more savvy users to run dev builds and help spur FreeCAD's progress. We also recommend backing up files before working with a dev build. The following dev builds are available for different platforms/distributions:

Windows: Conda - macOS: Conda / Homebrew - Linux: Conda / Snap / Flatpak

Mòduls addicionals i macros

La comunitat FreeCAD ofereix una gran quantitat de mòduls i macros addicionals. Ara es poden instal·lar fàcilment directament des de FreeCAD mitjançant l' Gestió d'afegits.

Codi font

The source code of FreeCAD is hosted primarily on GitHub i emmirallat GitLab, Codeberg i Sourceforge