Current stable version: 0.20.2

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إصدارات المطورين / المبرمجين

FreeCAD's development happens daily! Therefore we generate builds that are based on bleeding edge FreeCAD code in order for users to test bugfixes/regressions along with new features. We recommend more savvy users to run dev builds and help spur FreeCAD's progress. We also recommend backing up files before working with a dev build. The following dev builds are available for different platforms/distributions:

Windows: Conda - macOS: Conda / Homebrew - Linux: Conda / Snap / Flatpak

وحدات إضافية و وحدات ماكرو

The FreeCAD community provides a wealth of additional modules and macros. They can now easily be installed directly from within FreeCAD using the مدير الملحقات

مصدر النص البرمجي

The source code of FreeCAD is hosted primarily on GitHub و منعكس على GitLab, Codeberg و Sourceforge